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What is Paym?

 It’s a fast, free and easy way to make or receive payments from friends, family members or even customers and clients. All someone needs to send your payment through is a mobile number. 

 To get set up, all you need to do is Activate in your banking app

How to send money


Activate in your banking app

Open your online banking app to register for Paym (check with your particular bank website for steps)

Enter details

Enter the name and amount you want to pay (your app will open up your phone’s contact list automatically).

Confirm and send

Confirm the account name to ensure you are paying the right person and send the money instantly.

We'll send a text

If the person you’re paying hasn’t registered in their banking app, no money will send. Depending on who they bank with, most will receive a text that someone tried to pay them.

How to receive money


Activate in your banking app

Open your online banking app to register for Paym (check with your particular bank website for steps)

Supply your mobile number

Simply hand out your mobile number to people who owe you money. They can use their banking app to send you the money, fast, free and easily

Activate in your banking app

Fifteen banks and building societies offer the Paym service. Click on yours for more information, or open your banking app to register there.

Bank of Scotland
The Cumberland
Danske Bank
first direct
Halifax logo
Isle of Man Bank
Lloyds bank logo
Nationwide Building Society
Royal Bank of Scotland
Ulster Bank


The idea behind Paym is really simple – pay someone using just their mobile number. If you have any questions you will find answers to some common questions under the categories below.

Received a text?

Remember, Paym only sends the following standard message:
“Someone has tried to send you money via Paym,the UK’s mobile payment service. To learn more about Paym, contact your bank or building society. Opt-out?Reply STOP”
Paym will NEVER ask you to send any personal information via text message and neither will your bank.
Paym will also NEVER send any messages that contain a direct link to a website.
You should be wary of scams involving fraudsters sending emails and/ or text messages (also known as SMS) at random, claiming to come from a reputable organisation, such as your bank, mobile phone company or Paym. This type of fraud is known as ‘phishing’ (for emails) or ‘smishing’ (for text messages).
Copies of genuine Paym text messages can be found at

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