Burns Night on a Budget

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Burns Night is a celebration of the Scottish poet Robert Burns. It is a tradition in Scotland on the 25th of January each year to attend or host a ‘Burns Supper’. The supper usually consists of haggis, neeps (swedes) and tatties (potatoes) which is accompanied by whisky; and there are toasts and poems to be read out across the course of the evening. Don’t worry if you’re not Scottish, hosting a Burns Supper is a great idea if you are looking to stay in more this January but still have fun, and it is easy to do it on a budget if you follow our simple tips.

  1. Buy several smaller haggises– if you are having a few people round to celebrate then a good idea is to buy several smaller haggises from a supermarket rather than a large one from a specialty butchers.

   2.  Cheaper vegetables– Don’t get fooled by the ready chopped and prepared vegetable sets, instead go to Lidl or a local green grocer to get loose vegetables, try to work out how much you will need per person so you don’t over-buy by too much. Don’t forget ‘neeps’ and ‘tatties’.

3. Hot toddy– It is traditional to serve whisky but you can make a cheaper twist on this by making pitchers of hot toddy with a cheaper whisky, all you need to add is honey, lemon and water. Here is a simple recipe.

4. Free entertainment– the timetable for the evening and the poems and toasts you need to read out are all available for free online, why not just bring them up on your tablet computer to pass around? You can also access lots of free traditional Scottish music on YouTube or on a music streaming service like Spotify if you already subscribe.

  5. Dessert– A money saving idea is to ask your guests to bring along a dessert each and lay them out at the end so that everyone can help themselves to a bit of what they like; you can also ask any guests who are particular about their whisky to bring along their favourite one to share.

The top 5 money saving gurus for millennials

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You know the feeling, pay day is coming up and you realise that you are down to your last few pennies again; you said this month would be different but you couldn’t help getting those concert tickets, and you just had to celebrate your bestie’s birthday!
What you want to do is make little savings everyday so that at the end of the month you have a nice little stash to either save or spend, but how to go about it?
We don’t just want advice, we want tried and tested methods, and that’s why we have put together a round-up of the best money saving millennial gurus, so you don’t just have to take our word for it!

Holly Smith aka Holly Vlogs

Over the last 4 years Holly has built quite a following on her YouTube channel for being a coupon queen and prides herself on searching out all the best money saving deals, hints and tips so that her followers don’t have to. Her videos take you through what deals are available, where to go for the best ones and even what to say and do at the check-out if your valid coupon isn’t being accepted.

Jenni Hill aka Can’t Swing a Cat

Jenni is a millennial financial blogger who won’t tell you all the things you can’t do to save money. She prides herself on money saving tips while still making sure you can enjoy your day to day life and not deny yourself enjoyment. The main thrust of her blog is trying to save for a house deposit in youer twenties, so check out her advice on what pitfalls to avoid about her journey so far.

Charlotte Burns aka Lotty Earns

Charlotte or ‘Lotty’ as she is known on her site, experienced the millennial struggle of graduating slap bang in the middle of the recession and finding out that a university degree wasn’t the ticket to long term employment it had once been. After falling on hard times she got obsessed with searching out on and offline deals for getting discounts and saving money and she has compiled it all on her website so that you can log on and see the deals she has already hunted down. With tips for travel, going out, restaurants and debt advice, there is something for all parts of millennial life!

Maggie aka The Millennial Menu

By now we have all heard the one about ‘millennials spend all their money on sandwiches and avocados’ but as eating is something we do all the time, it is definitely a place to look and see if you can save a few pennies. But we’re not suggesting you have baked beans and plain pasta for every meal, Maggie from the blog ‘The Millennial Menu’ focuses on simple affordable recipes that you can whip up quickly. She even has hints and tips to make your money go further and which kitchen items are the best value.

Emma Drew

Emma is a money saving blogger with a twist; she also gives out advice on how you can also make money from blogging! She is the queen of online money making, so her blog is packed with tips about apps that earn you extra cash, guides to selling adverts on your website as well as advice on money saving and budgeting. She has grown her blog into a full time job, so the proof of her methods are there. Read Emma’s blog if you aren’t just interested in saving money, but also making some extra money on top of your current earnings.

Remember Paym is the simple way to send money to your friends and family using just their mobile number; find it in your banking app. www.paym.co.uk

5 Money Saving Tips for 2018

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Christmas is over for another year, time to clear up the wrapping paper, finish the last of the turkey leftovers and pack away those socks you’re sure your brother re-gifted to you from last year! One problem, January is a looooong month and you’ve got to make your money go further because you can’t turn down every party invite to stay in watching Netflix.

But don’t panic, if one of your new year’s resolutions is to become more money savvy and to start saving on the side then these five tips are for you:

Budget Planner App

This one might be an oldie but it’s still a goodie, working out a budget is the best way to keep track of all of your incomings and outgoings. See where your money is going each month and actively decide which spending you may be able to cut down or avoid at all, for example that second Starbucks Latte today. And the best thing about it is; No bad surprises at the end of the month.

The most popular apps to check out: Fudget: budget planner, Money Monitor and Goodbudget Budget Planner.


Getting money back when you spend? Count us in!

If you didn’t know about this, allow us to let you into a secret: You can get cashback on almost anything now! This means you can literally get money back when you are purchasing items you would be buying online anyway, just by simply making an extra click through one of the many cashback websites.

Don’t make purchases without checking cashback options. Websites such as www.topcashback.co.uk or www.quidco.com will guide you on how to get some money back with your purchases. Cha-ching!


Get rid of your debts

Saving money is good, but being debt-free is even better. Credit cards can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Unfortunately, if they are used without proper thought and planning you can end up racking up the interest and this can result in high repayments, and you do not want that. This can be a vicious cycle that is hard to get out of and might follow you for a while, and who likes a stalker.

Make sure you clear as many of your debts as you can, before you start saving. This may just be money that you owe to friends and family. They might not charge you interest, however, it can still cause unnecessary stress. The easiest way is to pay them back is using Paym. Quick, easy and debt-free.

Start saving

Debt free? Now you can start putting some money aside each month with much more ease.

In an ideal world, it is recommended to save one-third of your income (yeah, right!); we know that isn’t always possible, but every little bit counts. Check the bank accounts that will reward your money the most and start saving. Use it as a savings account only.


Yes, that’s a thing! Before buying anything, you should ask yourself these questions:

Do I need it? If you already have a similar pair of ASOS boots, the answer is most probably no. And if the answer is ‘no’, you know what to do (or not to do).
Can I afford it? If that is also a ‘no, don’t even dare thinking about purchasing
Can I get it cheaper anywhere else? If you have answered both of the questions above with a ‘yes’, check online if you can find a more reasonable price. (and don’t forget cashback!)