Burns Night on a Budget

By 22nd January 2018Images

Burns Night is a celebration of the Scottish poet Robert Burns. It is a tradition in Scotland on the 25th of January each year to attend or host a ‘Burns Supper’. The supper usually consists of haggis, neeps (swedes) and tatties (potatoes) which is accompanied by whisky; and there are toasts and poems to be read out across the course of the evening. Don’t worry if you’re not Scottish, hosting a Burns Supper is a great idea if you are looking to stay in more this January but still have fun, and it is easy to do it on a budget if you follow our simple tips.

  1. Buy several smaller haggises– if you are having a few people round to celebrate then a good idea is to buy several smaller haggises from a supermarket rather than a large one from a specialty butchers.

   2.  Cheaper vegetables– Don’t get fooled by the ready chopped and prepared vegetable sets, instead go to Lidl or a local green grocer to get loose vegetables, try to work out how much you will need per person so you don’t over-buy by too much. Don’t forget ‘neeps’ and ‘tatties’.

3. Hot toddy– It is traditional to serve whisky but you can make a cheaper twist on this by making pitchers of hot toddy with a cheaper whisky, all you need to add is honey, lemon and water. Here is a simple recipe.

4. Free entertainment– the timetable for the evening and the poems and toasts you need to read out are all available for free online, why not just bring them up on your tablet computer to pass around? You can also access lots of free traditional Scottish music on YouTube or on a music streaming service like Spotify if you already subscribe.

  5. Dessert– A money saving idea is to ask your guests to bring along a dessert each and lay them out at the end so that everyone can help themselves to a bit of what they like; you can also ask any guests who are particular about their whisky to bring along their favourite one to share.

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