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What is Paym?

Paym helps you pay your mates back quickly and easily using your current banking app. Forget asking for your mate’s sort code and account number (they probably won’t know either) and no more searching for a cash machine in the rain to settle up (not to mention the queues). Paym lets you pay back your family and friends using only their mobile number.

Oh…and it’s 100% free!

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What is Paym?

VO: So what is Paym?

Put simply, Paym lets you easily pay your friends or family using just a mobile number. It lets you Pay-em? Geddit?

That’s because Paym links your mobile number to your bank account. Clever, eh?

Yup. No more exchanging complicated sort codes or account numbers with your mates…no more hassling them for details or any of the old “wait was that a 6 or a 9?”

So, if you need to pay someone for your share of last night’s dinner, the festival petrol, for your share of the house bills or those gig tickets from last Friday – Paym makes it easy to pay.

And the great thing is, you don’t need to download a separate app. That’s ’cos Paym is already in your banking app – and works with most other banks and building societies. Some banks refer to our service as paying a contact or Pingit – but it’s all enabled by Paym.

Anyway, how easy is it to use? Easy peasy.

First, make sure you’re registered. To do that, open your banking app, or go online to your mobile payment settings and add your mobile number to link your account.

Once that’s all done, click on send a payment and choose to send to any of your contacts, or type in their mobile number.

With Paym you can confirm the account name of the contact before you click send, that way you know the money is going to the right person. And ta-dah – all done.

Fast. Safe. And secure.

Just make sure whoever you’re sending money to is also registered for mobile payments with their bank or building society first.

Over 4.5 million people have registered with their banks, sending more than £800m so far. A serious amount of dosh, eh? So join us, and start sending money easily using just a mobile number.

Paym. You’ve got it. So use it.

Paym is better with friends

Get your friends to register so you can easily send and receive money without having to swap sort codes or account numbers

Free to register, free to use

Fifteen banks and building societies offer the Paym service. Click on yours for more information, or open your banking app to register there.

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