Paym is the fast, free and easy way to receive payments from your customers or club members, and all someone needs to send your payment through is a mobile number.

How does it work for your customers?

Your customers can make payments through their online/ mobile banking or payments app, by selecting your mobile number from their contacts or entering it manually.

The customer is presented with your business account name before confirming the payment; all they need to do is press send and the money will be on its way, with the payment appearing on your statement in the normal way.

Your customers can trust the Paym service

Paym has been developed by the people who run the services that move mobile and internet banking payments between the UK’s banks.

  • Paym uses the same systems that already send and receive your money.
  • Paym has been built by all the participating banks and building societies together, to the highest possible security standards.
  • Payments are made at the same speed as existing mobile or online payments – in most cases, almost immediately.

Activate in your banking app, for free

Business accounts

If you are a business account holder there are three participating UK banks offering Paym. Simply click on your bank for more information, or open your banking app to register.


Personal accounts

If you want to use your personal account, there are fifteen banks and building societies offering the Paym service. Simply click on your bank for more information, or open your banking app to register.

Bank of Scotland
The Cumberland
Danske Bank
first direct
Halifax logo
Isle of Man Bank
Lloyds bank logo
Nationwide Building Society
Royal Bank of Scotland
Ulster Bank

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Terms and conditions

To download any image you must first accept our terms and conditions. These are available to be downloaded and printed. The Paym Mark is a trademark of the Mobile Payments Service Company Limited (‘MPS Co’) and we may at our sole discretion withdraw the trademark from use at any time.

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You must use the Paym Mark in full. You may not edit, modify, change, alter, crop or otherwise adapt this logo in any way. Our guidelines explain how and where you can use the Paym Mark; advises on customer care; and includes frequently asked questions.

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Businesses and clubs FAQs

We’ve answered some of the common businesses and clubs questions here. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for your bank or building society will be able to help.

View FAQsView FAQs

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