What is Paym?

Paym is the UK’s mobile payments service that’s offered by Halifax and 14 other banks and building societies. It works by linking your mobile number to your bank account. So there are no sort codes or account numbers to remember, and because it’s already within your own banking app, it’s the safe and easy way to pay back friends.

Why use Paym?

  • There’s no need to ask for sort codes or account details, just use your friend’s mobile number.
  • It’s safe – Paym shows you the name of the person you are paying, so you can check it before you send a payment.
  • It’s free to register and free to use.
  • No downloads needed – it’s already in your mobile banking app.



Make a payment or register directly using your Halifax banking app.

You've got it so use it

Benefits of using Paym

No sort code or account details

That’s right, no need to remember or ask your friends for their bank details! If you’ve registered to pay a mobile contact in your banking app (and the person you’re paying has registered as well) you’ll be able to pay with just a mobile number.

Secure payments

Paym is offered by 15 banks and building societies, so when you make a payment by Paym you get the same high levels of security you are used to from your bank or building society.

No downloads needed

How many apps do you have already? Don’t worry, you don’t need to download another one – you’ve already got it – Paym is already in your banking app!

15 banks and building societies are enabled by Paym. See all our participants here.

Pay a mobile contact today –
it’s already in your banking app!

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