Paym can only send payments to people who have registered their mobile number for the service with a participating bank or building society.

Received a text message?

If you have received a text message from Paym, it means that someone tried to send you money using the service. No money will have left their account, as it isn’t possible to send a Paym payment to someone who hasn’t registered.

Ensuring you receive payment

We are sending text messages to alert people to register for the service so they can receive payments in future.

Safe messaging

Paym only sends the standard message shown here. Paym will NEVER ask you to send any personal information via text message and neither will your bank. Paym will also NEVER send any messages that contain a direct link to a website.

Opting out

If you want to opt out from receiving text messages from Paym, simply register for the service with your bank or building society, or send a text to 61111 with the word ‘STOP’. Normal costs apply for sending this message – check with your mobile provider for more information.

For more information about the text messages sent by Paym, visit our FAQs page.

It's amazing how the little things add up

Our research shows that each year we lend a combined £12.6 billion to our family, friends and colleagues for everything from cinema tickets, to a coffee or sandwiches and little informal loans.

If you’re a generous person, maybe now is the time to get your outstanding IOUs settled up. Our IOU calculator shows how your generosity compares to the national average.

IOU Calculator

Enter here how much you have lent to friends and family in the last month that hasn’t yet been paid back, thinking about everything from the office lunch run, to a meal with friends.

£0 £250
Your IOUs National Average

Congratulations it looks like your friends, family and colleagues owe you very little money through IOUs compared to the national average. Still, Paym will make getting paid back easier, regardless of how much you’re owed.

You're near the national average of subbing friends and family £5 a week. Registering your mobile number for Paym could make it easier for friends and family to pay you back.

Your friends, family and colleagues owe you more than the national average through IOUs, so now is the time to register your mobile number for Paym! It could help them to pay you back quickly.

You’re incredibly generous! Your friends, family and colleagues owe you much more than the national average. Register your mobile number for Paym and start asking your friends and family to pay you back as they go.

Share your IOU result to encourage your friends and family to pay you back. And don’t forget to register for Paym.

Free to register, free to use

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